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Sounding out ideas

May 27, 2009


I have actually wanted to post this at Dominique’s Desk but an afterthought made me feel that maybe this place would be more suitable.

Article Writing

I have been trying out freelance writing for ContentDivas. It has been a great experience as I have learnt quite a bit about what type of articles are required and what clients are sourcing for. The pay is not that great  and I may get better pay working directly with clients but the hassle  and time spend negotiating is not something that I can spare at the moment.

Membership Site

I have been having ideas on creating my own WAHM/mommy membership site like the one I saw at Moon. Will need to look more into it. Also there is the need to revamp the existing  one that I created for W and R.  Considering WP plugins as mentioned by Yaro but have to test it first.

Any suggestions on which one I should focus more on?

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