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All stressed up and no it’s not about H1N1

July 1, 2009
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I really hate it when unexpectedly someone you love throws you a ” Atom Bomb”. It really tires me physically and mentally to have to deal with insensitive  snide remarks and threats.  I am not longer the ignorant teenager which you knew after having spent 12 years of my life with “X”.

It is tiring enough to deal with the daily grind of having to be mother, teacher and housemaid all in one. There are not enough hours a day to get all the chores done. I’m already working to the point of exhaustion and being unrecognised and unappreciated really deals me a very heavy blow.

I’m really up to my neck in work to really have any time just to chill and relax. Every single night my sleep is disrupted by the kids waking up at odd hours to cuddle or use the toilet.

I really badly need my 8hrs of sleep each night to function at the optimal level. I do not have the luxury that “X” has in just ignoring everything and shutting the door to the kids to disappear into a make believe world.

How I wish to live the life of a Tai-Tai and not worry about bread and butter issues. To have time on my hands to  go after my own interests and spend loads of time with the kids. As unpractical as it sounds given the current situation. I’m sure that one that it will be a reality and not just a dream.

Meanwhile try as I can to do the best that I can for family, house and marriage. I really hope “X” you do your part too.

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