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Friday Frustration- Not getting things done

October 16, 2009

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I thought I saw a puddy cat....
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Like a cat looking at itself in the mirror I feel that I am suffocated for time. There are simply too many things that I wish to get done which I haven’t gotten around to doing.

1. Promoting and marketing ” Learning with Dominique”
My membership site has yet to take off like a rocket as I haven’t really been working on actively promoting it. It still lacks some “meat” to really attract the crowd.

2. Getting more time to sign up for cooking/baking lessons

Ever since I started baking 2 years ago I have been interested in attending classes to hone my baking skills. So far what I have learned to bake are basically D-I-Y.  There are baking courses/cooking courses around but they are quite costly or are held at unsuitable hours which clash with my working hours. Really would like a class that I could slot in during the weekdays so that it will not cut away time spend with the boys on the weekend.

3. Getting my planned reading list completed

I have bought many parenting books last year which I have yet to get read.  My aim is to get at least 2 read by the end of the year? Will I be able to make it? Hmmm

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  1. October 16, 2009 5:08 pm

    I feel that way so often. There is never enough time and it does get very frustrating.

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