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December 15, 2009
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I been rather annoyed lately at the increase of SPAM. It is really utter madness having to sieve through the tons of e-mails before getting to the “must read” e-mails in the inbox.

Even though I do have spam filters on my blog but am still bombarded by the tons of promotional e-mails from the lists that I have subscribe to at one point or another. I have been actively unsubscribing from lists which have  do not have any  value  to me. Even though I have streamlined my subscription to those I need to keep track of the latest happenings/competitors they are still plentiful. If I leave my inbox unchecked for a day or so it piles up with hundreds of e-mails.

Inbox Zero

That’s what I have managed to do last week and strive to do it this week. It is a great sense of achievement to have no  new e-mail in my inbox. I will be systematically unsubscribing for more e-mail lists in my other e-mail accounts which I hardly have time to follow-up.

There are certain lists which I belong to which I really wish to hit the “unsubcribe” button but am hesitant as I need to keep in the loop what my business competitors are currently doing. Sometimes what they ” preach” seems all so flippant and really over the top with the amount of sugar-coating they use on their sales letter. Exaggerated earning reports with fake screenshots, glowing testimonials written by their friends on their blogs.

Haven’t they heard about the FTC and how the juicy $11k fine which may be slapped on them for their errant behaviour? *Snigger*  I’m just waiting for the day to see them brought to justice for their blatently misleading the public.

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