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Plans for 2010

December 31, 2009

In a few days time we will be ushering in 2010. Time really goes at rocket speed around this time of the year. We have been meeting up with relatives and friends this festive season and catching up on old time.

This year end I have been deliberating quite a while before deciding what to write down for my next year’s resolution and plans.

It is time to put aside the baggage that I have been carrying with me for 2009 and start with a clear focus for the next year.

There are many things that didn’t get completed and projects that were temporarily shelved due to changes in priorities as the year progressed.

  • My membership site
  • Japanese Notes for the boys

Being able to earn online through selling memberships is a very lucrative way of earning.  However I really question if it is workable.  I have seen many copycat versions and are certainly nothing of real quality that would make one part with $$ to purchase. My own membership site is still in BETA as I have put it on the back-burner as I’m still thinking on how to revamp it to make it more unique and informative for my readers.

Since introducing Japanese to the boys this year they have been more receptive to this new language. I have deliberately taken it slow with them as I do not want them to be confused between Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

In 2010 I plan to do the following

  1. Learn how to use Adobe CS 3 efficiently.

    I finally received my copy which I ordered in December but it is still sitting prettily in its box as I have yet to install it in my PC. I will have to ensure there is sufficient space before putting in the new programs or my whole OS will slow down till turtle speed.

  2. Learn more bakes and dishes.

    I have yet to successfully make Tiramisu, Lagsana, Rosti etc..something which I hope to learn in 2010. I also hope to learn new techniques of cooking/baking.

  3. Spend more time on 5R-2010/2011 project.
  4. Come up with a more comprehensive teaching schedule for the kids.

    Roy is now showing more interest in music so I will be starting formal piano lessons with him. Also he is getting better at recognizing words.  I doing more reading and flashcards with him. I also intend to introduce the boys to more hands on experiments which I’m sure they will enjoy.


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