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Towards a trimmer and fitter me

January 2, 2010
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Eversince returning to work I have been piling on the kilos. The irregular meal times and the extended hours spend at my workdesk marking has taken a told on my weight and health.

This year one of my goals is to get my weight down to the ideal weight of 55-60kg.    I will be taking it slow and start with targeting my weight gain prone areas and hopefully drop @2kg a month. This weight lost plan may be temporarily suspended depending on the ongoing 5R-2010/2011 project.

Here is an exercise which I recently read that targets the belly region.

To Lose Belly Weight:

Lie on your back with your arms by your side. Hold your palms facing
upwards, legs straight and together. Raise legs about 10 inches above
floor and move them up and down alternatively like a pair of scissors.
This exercise works wonders on your waistline.

Brisk walking:

It is  a good exercise to lose hip weight. I intend to do brisk walking indoors and after work if the weather is not too hot.

Neck Exercise to reduce a double chin and a flabby neck:

Contract your neck muscle for 20 seconds and then relax. Repeat 5-7
times. Considerable weight loss from these parts have been observed if
this exercise is done regularly.

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