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EA Active Sports Challenge

January 5, 2010
EA Sports Active
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Wii Sports is the latest plaything which I have acquired this month.

I’m currently doing the 30 Day challenge from EA Sports Active . This game has a virtual fitness coach which will bring you through a specially arranged set of cardio and other workouts for you to achieve your fitness goals.

I’m on to Day 3 of the challenge and it has really been exhausting. Each workout last 20 minutes and there is about 10 over different workouts f of different intensity for you to follow. It has been a long time since I have done such vigorous workouts and my thighs are sore from doing the lunges and jumps.

It is great that I can work out and burn calories in the comfort of the living room at a timing which is convenient for me. The games are fun and help  target the parts of the body which needs toning up.

I know a few blog buddies who are also on this Challenge and have seen one manage to lose the inches around her waist after completing the challenge in December. I too hope for similar results.

Have you tried this game before?

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