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Feeling Nostalgic being at home.

January 23, 2010
Morning light
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For the past few weeks it felt as if I was back in college.  R is overseas for a business trip and will only be back mid next week. The only way we can communicate is through messages and chat functions via the PC.

It felt as if I was back in a long distance relationship whereby one must schedule time to be online just to chat about the day’s happening.  This is one of the reason I do not fancy R being in a job which would need lots of travelling. However it circumstances call for it, there is little that I can do about it but to count down the days till he return’s home.

I really feel that it is important for both parents to be around while the kids are growing up and take active roles in their care giving and grooming.  Neither parent is disposable even though it may seem that one partner seems more equipped to deal with the hassles and tasks related to bringing up kids.

I could really do with the extra pair of hands since we do not have hired helpers or grannies staying with us. The boys have been pestering me asking when Daddy will be returning home and why he is still not back yet. The concept of time is still not really clear to them as their associations of days = dinosaur years as hours can seem like an eternity  to a 3yr old and a 6yr old.

Maybe the coming of the new year and the forthcoming changes happening to our family is making me all sentimental.

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