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Valentines Day Memories

February 9, 2010
Sant Ffolant present
Image by OwenBlacker via Flickr

10 years ago on Valentines Day I would receive flowers and chocolates without prompting.

I remember once a friend of mine sent his best friend on a  three hour bus ride from Malaysia to Singapore to deliver the teddy bear which he has bought for me.

One of the years I also received a air-flown package from R.
Fast forward to today I’m not expecting any flowers or presents from R.  He feels that flowers are overpriced and overrated during this season.

I do wish for a nice dinner and a quite night though. However the chances of this happening this year is extremely low as Valentines Day happens to be the 1st  Day of Chinese New Year also.

This celebration of love does not need to happen once a year. In fact Valentines Day can be celebrated anytime of the year with flowers and a lovely dinner. * hinting to R*

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