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Childcare Woes

March 2, 2010

Recently there has been quite a lot of press in the papers about  the latest budget that was announced by the government. They are asking for citizens to have more babies but am not giving more concessions for family planning and a balance work-family lifestyle.

Over the weekend I read a report in the newspapers on how parents to be had to book a place in the infant care even before the child is born.  There are only 10 places in an infant care and the ratio of 5 babies to 1 caregiver really isn’t ideal to my standard. I feel that the babies would get too little attention and stimulation. This will certainly affect their development.

It is definitely not ideal. However placing the baby in a infant care would be a better alternative to placing the baby with a nanny where she will receive no stimulation and attention at all.

It is really nerve wreaking thinking about the limited options available for mothers.

In an ideal solution I would like to be able to take care of R3 for at least 2 years as I did with R1 and R2 but we will have to see if this is possible this time around.

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