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Being Overstreached

March 13, 2010
Muerte de un ciclista
Image by erezfre via Flickr

These few weeks has been extremely exhausting for me. Just like the bicycle depicted in this picture I am needing some “air” to rejuvenate myself.

It has been rather chaotic in the household with the boys messing up the place on a daily basis.  R is still away and everything in the household has been rather topsy turvy.

There are many places in the house that still needs cleaning up. I hope to be able to get them done  during the March holidays.

Workload is also very heavy at the workplace. Stacks of marking and administrative matters to attend on a daily basis. How I hope that I could do with half the class size and zero administrative matters. That will certainly free up more time to concentrate more on a more tailored approach to developing the students and the boys.

I hope to be able to spend more time with the boys before their new sibling arrive. The boys hope to go on a holiday this year to Japan. We hope to make their dreams come true in June.


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