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Weighing Options

March 21, 2010

Possible arrangements for R3

Infant care centres ( places available not certained)

Address 305, TAMPINES STREET 32, #01 – 80, SINGAPORE 520305
Telephone 67843833

Price $1100 (full day)

Address 487C, TAMPINES STREET 45, #01 – 115, SINGAPORE 522487

Price $1300 (full day)

TAMPINES WEST Blk 942 Tampines Avenue 5 #01-251 520942 67849448 67841082

Benefits: supposedly qualified childcare givers.
Infant care subsidy of $600/Full day working mother.

Cons: 4 to 1 ratio of caregiver. ( Insufficient attention and stimulation given by childcare giver)

– may not have adequate resources to properly care for your infant.

– higher chance of getting infected with diseases due to close contact of infants.
– hard to monitor if they are ill-treating your child.
– inflexible in timing as they follow the strict 7am-7pm opening hours.


1 ) Nanny- Cost $800-$1500 depending on qualifications etc.

Benefits:- supposedly experience in handling infants and can care for their physical needs.

Cons: Will not be able to care for their mental development and may not place 100% attention on your child if they have their own kids or household to run.

– Hard to monitor if she is ill-treating your child unless there is possibility of installing CCTV or other monitoring devices at her place or get her to do the babysitting at your place (which may not be advisable also)

2) TSAHM- Take care of baby yourself- my preferred choice.

Potential Cost/mth

Infantcare – $1200/mth

Nanny- $1K

TSAHM – Cost of lost income


Childcare – $700/mth

School bus – $150-$200mth

Swimming lesson $160/mth

Total cost $1060/mth


Music lesson $160/mth

Swimming lesson $160/mth

School bus ( maybe) $100/mth

Total cost @$420

Additional expenses –

Maid $1000/mth    (This is something which I am seriously considering against as I really do not see a benefit besides having someone there to make sure that the kids get picked up from their school bus and that housework gets done reguarly)

Total (possible expenditure per mth)

R3 – $1200 + R2 $1060 + R1 $420  = $2680 + Household expenditure

+ uncertainty about the caregiver’s qualification an integrity for R3 if caregiving is outsourced.

+ uncertainty about whether all the kids can be sent to their respective schools and be fetched on time daily as R maybe still travelling and can’t ascertain if he will be around to help out.

+uncertainty if sufficient time and care can be given to each child if I have to continue to work as nowadays the working hours are SUPER long and workload is crazy.

+ need to find alternative arrangements during the school holidays for R1’s care as school will be out for him and if I am working there will be no one to monitor and care for him at home.

So many things to consider.. lucky we get till the end of the year to weigh in our options.

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