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Random Thoughts- Maids/Nannies

May 22, 2010
Mum and Baby (Part II)
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These few weeks there has been quite a number of reports on abuse by maids and nannies in the newspaper. The stories have really been shocking and would certainly send a chill down your spine upon reading the various articles.

From cases of sexual abuse, physical abuse and even taking minors as hostage. It can be nerve wreaking reading about the behaviors of maids/nannies who we pay and trust them with our kids.

I certainly am extremely skeptical about allowing a total stranger to take care of my kids without supervision. Even though it is fairly common to see families with maids around I am not keen on hiring one to care for the kids/family.

9/10 of my friends have dealt with varying degrees of maid related problems and the hassles that it has caused them. I certainly do not wish to have to go through all that stress on top of the daily work stress of being a mum and breadwinner. It is certainly not worth paying for extra problems to be thrown your way. I rather stay home myself and take care of the kids and household myself.

Family has been and always will be my 1st priority. Even though I would have to forgo building up a career and a steady paycheck but time spent with the kids is something that money is not able to buy and irreplaceable.

I’m not sure if we will have enough to support the family and its growing needs in the future but I’m sure that at the moment my focus is on the kids development and spending more quality and quantity time with them.

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