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Baby Registry for R3

June 19, 2010
Evenflo Baby Bouncer
Image by w2scott via Flickr

I’ve been going through all the items which the boys have and sorting them out for re-use for R3. Many of the items haven’t been able to withstand the test of time and would have to be purchased before R3’s arrival.

Hopefully I will be able to be gifted the following items and it will save me some $$.

I have already bought some items like

– BPA free milk bottles

– Steam Steriliser

– Disposable Breast Pads

– Diapers.

The essentials have all been bought. Now what is left is to place the “luxury” items on the baby gift registry list.

I would like would be some toys for R3 as most of the toys which the boys have are not really that suitable for  a newborn.

There is still quite a lot of things to get done within this two months. I’m not sure if I will be able to be fully prepared by September.

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