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Counting Down

July 11, 2010
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The new term of school has started and there is so many different things to be done each day. I’m really looking forward to the breaks from the humdrum of work to shift my emphasis to more on the kids.

It is getting more tiring just walking around and getting from classroom to classroom at work.  R3 is steadily putting on weight this trimester and it is getting me more and more uncomfortable as we count down to her arrival.

Most of the things that we will be needing has been purchased except a new cot mattress and cot sheets.

We will be setting aside alternative plans for the boys in the first few weeks while we adjust to the new arrival.

I have bought a few new cookbooks on Confinement Recipes and will be trying out one each week in the event that I may need to do my own cooking. We have looked through the various menus that the different confinement caters have and I am still very skeptical about parting with such a big sum of money ($1.8K) for a month’s worth of meals just for 1 person. I question about the quality and whether they will be using genuine herbs and the validity in charging such an high price tag for such meals as the ingredients used would not cost more then $500-$600 the most.

I’ve noticed that the main difference between the confinement dishes and normal dishes that most of them are cooked in Chinese wine and there is a lot of ginger inside. They do not look too difficult to cook but it could be quite a hassle coping with both cooking and taking to the schedule of a newborn. We will still need to do normal cooking for the boys dinners and it makes no sense to cater for 1 person while there are still others who need to have their meal and cooking still has to be done.

I hope that I will be able to manage with the new hassles and responsibilities.

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