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Before Sept – to do list

August 4, 2010
Image by tobiasbischoff via Flickr

August is a really busy month for me…

there is so many things to clear and get done before R3 arrives.

At Work

  1. Finish the keying of marks for the P6 classes that I teach.
  2. Complete the syllabus and marking
  3. Write up a to-do-list for the relief teacher (including highlighting all the “star” pupils to look out for)
  4. clear my desk at work

With the boys

  1. Apply for new library cards as their existing ones are “lost” somewhere
  2. Re-organize the toy chest/drawers and sterilise them.
  3. Organize their clothes chest and pack up the clothes which are too small for them to use.
  4. Purchase a new school bag for Ryan to use for P1 next year.
  5. Arrange their storybook cupboard and stationary boxes.
  6. Keep away the shoes which they have outgrown and throw away those that are too old/used.

For the household

  1. Re-arrange the baking cupboard and do remove items which have expired.
  2. Clear up and clean up the refrigerator.
  3. Buy the items which stocks have run low in the pantry.
  4. Re-organize the arts n craft cupboard
  5. clear up the laundry area.

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