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Getting Ready for the arrival

August 28, 2010
Baby shower- comestível chocolate truffles.
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Baby R3 is due in 2 weeks time  and I’m busy getting everything ready before the big day.

Just checking the list I will need to dig out more bibs or get some new ones for her as I don’t think we have enough at the moment.

Today we went to a collegue’s son 1st month birthday party. There were many people at the party and lots of food. It got us thinking what we would be doing for R3’s 1st month celebration in October.

Even though it will be in two months time it does help to plan in advance what we would like to do.

R is not that keen on a party at home and I too think that it will be quite hectic coordinating the catering and guest list.

We may do away with the traditional celebration and have a family dinner/lunch at a restaurant instead. I will still make the 1st month birthday cake for R3 and if there is enough energy some cupcakes for my colleagues and friends. It will depend on the circumstances then. We may just order cakes instead if it is too tiring for me to do any baking .

I’m thinking of doing some popcorn also this time around as we did make some for Roy during his 1st month celebrations.

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