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Starting a New Weight Lost Regime

September 29, 2010
I lose water weight during the week and gain b...
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Baby Riona is two weeks old today. She is slowly getting accustomed to being at home and associating with her older brothers.

She has put on 800g since she returned home from the hospital and should be nearing 5kg when she reaches full month.  Both Ryan and Roy were 5kg when we had their full month celebrations.

After I get the all clear from the gyane I will start my exercise routine. I am to try to shave off the excess kilos within 6 months if possible and get back to 55kg.

I target to start with about 2-4kg a month through proper dieting and exercising as I will be still breastfeeding Riona.  She has been latching on since Day 1 and have been feeding quite well.

She doesn’t have any issues with colic like Ryan has and as a result is steadily gaining weight. I hope that  I will be able to lose more weight through breastfeeding her as I can’t really start exercising as yet.

I plan to do

– WII Active sports

– Baby and Mum Yoga

– Power walking

-try to get sufficient sleep

besides the normal routine of housework and childminding activities as my exercise routine.

I’ll also be following a strict diet plan which will not compromise the calories which are needed in breastfeeding.

With the hectic schedule that I will be having I hope I will get the results that I am looking for.

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