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When You Have a Baby- Plans Changes Quickly

December 13, 2010
Riona in her swimsuit

That’s my little girl staring at me as I snap a photograph of her in her swimsuit. When you have a baby plans for an overseas trip gets put on hold. You wonder if it is logistically possible to handle both the kids and luggage while traveling without any additional helping hands around.  After considering all the possible scenarios which I may face we  decided on a staycation instead for this year.  I wanted a vacation where the kids could spend time with their grandparents, us and for us to have some couple time for ourselves.

Everyone had a fine time during the holiday and it was relaxing instead of a hectic time for me. I enjoyed myself feasting at the various restaurants with R and hotel hopping with the kids. In all we visited four different hotels while the boys went to three.

Pit stop 1– Marina Bay Sands

The hotel room was fabulous as we were upgraded to a suite on a high level. The room was spacious and bright. The kids love running from one side to the other and the view was on both sides of the room- Marina Barrage and Marina Bay. The main drawback that the food there was expensive and rather substandard. R had his company lunch there the previous week and he mentioned that it was not worth the $$. We ended up with takeaways that we bought from Marina Square for dinner instead of having our meals at the fancy restaurants there.

Pit Stop 2– Raffles Town Club

The kids are not foreign to this location as we have been there several times. The boys love going there swimming and they have recently started checking out the bowling alley there. They love bowling as it is a new sport to them and being guys they love playing with balls.  We had the standard size hotel room here. I didn’t like the room as I found it rather run down and dark. The boys love the jacuzzi tub though it was a bit small for the two of them.  They had more fun out of the room then in it.

Pit Stop 3– Re Hotel

We booked the theme suite at this hotel as a belated anniversary celebration. We only brought the youngest with us and left the boys with the grandparents.  Both of us love the cozy feel of this accommodation and the serenity of being located next to Pearl Hill Park. It was a short walk there to Chinatown. We initially intended to have our dinner at Chinatown but it was pouring cats and dogs and the baby was fussing quite badly. In the end we managed to get a taxi back and ordered room service meals instead.  The beef lagsana which I ordered tasted really yummy and the prices and portion size are comparable to other hotels.

I actually contemplated between Capella and this hotel but decided on the later as I get to try out their King Size waterbed and twin jacuzzi.

Pit Stop 4- Festive Hotel

We booked this hotel for the kids. We got the Family room with the loft bed for the boys.The kids were given a goodie bag each (toothbrush, flower shaped bath sponge and a packet of Marigold Strawberry Milk)  when we checked in.  I found it odd that they didn’t include kids toothpaste since they have placed a toothbrush in the pack.

They were thrilled when they saw the loft and wasted no time in climbing up the ladder to the loft. What I didn’t count on is them getting really ingenious in coming down from the loft. Instead of  climbing down the ladder properly they were sliding down the metal handles instead. Grrr… I had to constantly remind them not to do that and how dangerous it is as they could sustain a fall and injure their limbs if they were not carefully.  The room was smaller then I expected and we didn’t have time for the boys to have a 3rd round of bubble bath at this place. There were many shops and restaurants around but we decided to dine at Vivo city instead. The boys wanted to go  for a ride on the Sentosa train and we obliged them as they seldom got to ride in trains. We also got a 3 day unlimited Sentosa train pass for booking the room at the hotel so we decided to make the most out of it.   Both R and I felt that the room at Re Hotel was better value for money as compared to Festive hotel. Maybe we should have booked Hard Rock hotel instead but that hotel was not touted as being kid friendly.

Dinner at Sushi Tei

The boys indulging in their favourite Japanese food. If they had it their way there will be udon/soba noodles  and sushi every other day.

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  1. December 22, 2010 3:46 am

    Ow, I think I would go crazy if I had to travel with so young kids, specially from Singapore to my city, Barcelona.

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