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Setting a Legacy

January 20, 2011

This morning while reading a post on Simple Mom it got me thinking about setting my own legacy for my kids.

The questions asked there were

  • When I am gone from this planet and my children are reflecting and remembering me, what do I hope will be their most powerful memories of the time we had together?
  • What do I want written about me in my obituary?
  • What are the stories, memories, and influences I hope to leave behind for my children’s children, and others for whom I hope to have influenced?

Frankly speaking I haven’t really put much thought to the questions above. However after reflecting on the post I have decided to pen my thoughts down. I will be printing it out in triplicate and adding it to the kids journals.

Life is short. It is unpredictable and full of ups and downs. However with the limited time we have here on this earth the way we live it and how we live it will leave long lasting impacts on the others around us.

I hope the children will remember me as being a mother who is able to cater for their needs. Someone who has tried and is trying to cultivate them into well mannered and independent individuals. A person who helped them learn more about themselves and accept the gifts which GOD has given then.

I also hope that the kids will remember me as someone who is fun loving and cares a lot about them. Someone who is willing to let them learn and fall down while guiding them from the sidelines.

I would like to be thought off as a  mentor who has tried her best in guiding the kids to optimizing their potentials.  Someone who showers them with unconditional love and care.

I would like them to remember all the fun times we had playing games together, spending time talking , cuddles and kisses.

Little things which I have done which have touched their hearts.


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