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Departing on a Spritual Journey

February 6, 2011
Para Tí... una rosa violeta Ele...


It is time to board the express train. I have been pondering at the station for too long. It’s time to make the leap and move on. Things shouldn’t be in a rut and there is need for continual development and deeper understanding.

I need to understand him better to be able to understand myself better and the things happening around me.

The kids are at an impressionable age and it’s time to step up a notch in their religious education.  Before I am able to do that I too need to have a better understanding myself.

I’m starting with a few different readings online which F has kindly introduced to me. I find that he is one who is really in tuned to his spiritual side. He is always so optimistic about what GOD has planned for him and how he is going to reach the goals that have been set specially for him.

I feel that there is the need for me to grow spiritually to be able to take my relationships to a deeper level. To be one with GOD will allow me to block off the unwanted negatives and bad vibes which certain people radiate. Even though it maybe impossible to totally eliminate them from my life but with GODs grace and wisdom I will be able to deal with them. Life is too short to waste time dealing with minions.


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