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Winter Weight Off- Week 1 (AKA Physical Part of CFE)

February 11, 2011

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*Even though it’s never Winter here and the closest we can get to snow is at Snow City, I feel that any support for weight lost is great so I’m linking up with this one from 5 Minutes for Mom.

It is becoming harder losing weight from the initial 10kg lost after childbirth.  My weight seems to have plateau since Christmas.  All the eating and   minimal exercise has made the trudge from 70kg to 60kg a really long path.

It’s time to really push it up a notch and do some real changes over here with my newly revised plan.

#1- No dieting. I strongly belief that any crash dieting by removing carbs or proteins with shakes and pills may  affect breastfeeding. It’s certainly a no-no for me since R3 is still very young and on TBF.

#2- Eat healthily and sensibly. It’s okay to indulge in one’s favourite  foods once in a while as long as the majority of the time I’m eating the prefered type of foods.  It does help that I do intend to up my fruits and vegetable intake and reduce red meats and processed foods.

#3- Do more combi exercise with the baby in tow. I intend to up our existing exercise routine to lengthen the duration to make it more effective if possible.


I’m optimistic I will meet my month end target for February.

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