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Towards a new me- Week 2

February 22, 2011

Last week I stepped it up a notch as I did more exercise with the baby.  I also took special effort to take note of what I am eating on a daily basis and if it affect the amount of milk supply for the baby. I did noticed that certain foods are more suitable for daytime then during dinner as they added to the  weight gain.

I have kept off any weight gain and actively working my way toward 145lbs (66kg) target  for end Feb.

I have been actively looking out for low-fat products and love eating low fat yoghurt with fresh fruit.  I’m exploring the possibilities of making smoothies to drink during the week as snacks.  I’m sure the kids will enjoy having a smoothie now and then.

We have seen last year add in more steamed and soupy items on our dinner menu. I’m also adding more vegetables and fruits as the kids love them. They too are not that interested in meats but I do cook lean white meats for them so they have enough proteins in their diet.

I’ll be attempting more home bakes. I recently saw this recipe for Puffy Pancakes and am very tempted to try it out. I’m not sure about the calorie count on this but I’ll do without the chocolate syrup and add more varied fruits to it.
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  1. February 22, 2011 12:41 pm

    Great tips. I, too, have noticed a dramatic difference in what my scales say in the morning if I have a salad at night instead of at lunch. Much better figures. Only problem for me is that babysitting grandchildren as much as I do, I don’t always have the luxury of a leisurely salad at night. Then again, my grandkids make great “exercise trainers” so they help me with running around a lot playing tag. Hopefully it will all even out and keep me healthier. And playing with your baby is such a smart idea. When my kids were young, I read a great tip to keep playing with them as they get older and you’ll stay in better shape. I tried it and it definitely helps. Now I’m in my late 50s (flirting with senior citizen status) and still very active! Have a blessed day!

  2. February 22, 2011 2:36 pm

    Hi, I did a quick calculator on the ingredients for you and it looks like the recipe as I used it has a little under 800 calories. You could significantly cut that down by replacing the butter with an alternative, removing 1 banana and splitting the crepe batter into 2 small skillets. It would bring this breakfast down to about 300 calories without the chocolate.

    I hope that helps you in your journey!

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