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Birthday Countdown

February 28, 2011
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In a weeks time my  little boy will be celebrating his 7th birthday. In a twinkling of an eye my 1st born is officially a  young kid and no longer a pre-schooler.

From a baby who is only able to mutter a few words to someone who readily argues with you and twists the facts to his own benefit.  He is getting more and more vocal and more active as he grows up.

It hasn’t been easy looking after and guiding him. I have to be stricter to him as compared to his siblings . This is because what ever he does, good or bad, is easily followed by them.

It’s tough being the eldest but it does come with its perks. He gets lots of brand new stuff while his younger brother and sister gets hand me downs.  I feel he still has yet to learn to properly cherish what toys and items he has.  He can be quite careless in putting away his stuff properly and need to be constantly reminded.

I really hope that now at 7yrs old he will be able to gracefully accept the changes in his life and the increasing responsibilities.

Happy birthday my little Ryan.


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