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Weight Off- Week 4

March 11, 2011

Last weekend I managed to reach the target I set for the end of Feb.  The scales reflected 66.9kg. However with all the feasting that I have been doing with eating out this week.. it has crept up to 67.2kg. I’ve to step up and do more exercising next week and cut back on the carbs if I’m to reach 64kg by end of March.

I target (conservatively) to lose about 2-3kg a month and am monitoring what I eat very strictly as I don’t want the control dieting to affect breastfeeding. I’m still figuring out why Tiger girl is waking up four times a night to nurse when she should be able to sleep for longer stretches now at 6 months.

As compared to her brothers when they were her age, she eats much more than them. She takes a rather large  bowl of semi solids for lunch and dinner. If we were dining out I would bring along some cereal or biscuits for her. She nurses throughout the day and is a hefty 8.5kg now.

I feel that she should be eating enough given her appetite for food and frequency in eating. She doesn’t have a bloated stomach and doesn’t have any problem eating. I just don’t understand why she is still waking up so frequently at night and dropping her daytime naps. Even when she does fall asleep during the day it is not for long as she wakes after 15-20 minutes and demands to be entertained.

I know that if I have better sleep I would be able to lose weight if only there can be a way to make her sleep longer.

Any suggestions?


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