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Weight Off- Week 8

April 11, 2011

It has been 2 months since I started documenting my weight loss regime. It hasn’t really gone as smoothly as I have expected.  Since the start of this year there has only been about 5kg lost. I have another 9 kg to ideal and it’s taking painfully longer then I estimated.

I guess all the fine foods and bakes that I have been making is really sabotaging my effort in weight lost.  I either need to further reduce the portion size or add in more workouts per week.

I’m really temped to try various new bakes and even do a cheesecake as I haven’t baked that in ages. However I’ll make sure that I only take minute bites this time.

On a positive note I’m now able to fit into my pre-kid jeans which I bought more than 10 years ago. I’m also able to wear the shorts that I bought when I was in University more than 16 years ago. I’m happy that I’m also almost back into ideal shape even though I’m still off the ideal weight.

We have been cooking more Japanese food at home. I’m also introduce more fish and a variety of salad to the boys.  They are liking the new dishes and like how I decorate up the food for them.

I will post pictures of tonight’s dinner once they have been uploaded.




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