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Easter weekend- Weight Loss Review

April 25, 2011
via Flickr”]Happy Easter!!!

Last weekend was really bad.  Overindulgence in food is a real sin.  I hate it when the weight that I have kept off during the  week piles back in during the weekend.

During the weekend we normally eat out and that’s where I end up eating all the ” sinful food”  which are the fried, snacks and meats.

I really indulged on Tim Sum, Easter foods and chocs and I guess because of that the weigh is now up to 65.5kg. I hope to bring it down to 64kg by end of this week. ( I guess the target of 63kg by end April will not be attainable.)

I’m still positive that I’ll be popping down into the 50’s range in a few months time.. just have to make sure that I’m more disciplined with my diet for the next few months.

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