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Moving into May

May 1, 2011

It has been  a rather hectic month of April. I’m glad that it’s over and we are finally into May. Weight lost hasn’t been going as smooth as I have expected and my target for April (63kg) has not been met. I’m hopefully that I will be able to reach 62kg by end of May since now I’m finally dipping into 64.xkg.

We will be having lots of things going on at home in May with the Kitchen and bathroom renovations, preparations for the upcoming holiday trip and new changes in schedule.  I’m still rather backward with my spiritual reading schedule and do have quite a few book reviews to get done .

Over the weekend I was glad to finish a novel – A Sparrow Falls by Meg Mosely which took me two days to finish. I will be reviewing it over at Dominique’s Desk next week.  I’m scheduling to finish the reading of the kids books which just arrived with the boys this comming week so I can put up the review on Bindi Irvins books.

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