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I’m on a new challenge- Twelve days to Happiness

May 22, 2011
Happy Valentine's day

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I’ve been trying out different challenges this year as I take a hiatus from work.  It hasn’t been easy for me to follow up and complete the challenges which I previously started. I’m still working on my weight lost and spiritual enhancement CFM project. I’ve seen a more positive outlook toward  the challenges which I am facing.  I’m not so pessimistic and stressed up when I encounter problems or difficulties as I’m sure that GOD will show me the way or equip me with the necessary tools.

I ‘m all for this new challenge of Twelve Days to Happiness  and hopefully it will aid me in creating a better atmosphere at home where the boys will have lesser bickering between each other and I don’t need to constantly “bark” at them to get things done.

A happy mummy = a happy family.  I feel that there is much to be done to build up a more healthy climate in the family where there is more joy and happiness.  It would certainly make me more positive and hopefully much more productive during the day.

Day 1 Happiness Activity– Being Grateful

I am grateful that

  1. Doggie boy’s fever has broken and he’s no longer sick.
  2. My parents have been helping me this past week with the house renovations. Thanks to them I’ve managed to do the clear up during the weekends as the boys stay over at grannies.
  3. The renovations are almost over and that everything in the house that needed to be fixed has been fixed.
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