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Mid Year Review

June 21, 2011

It has been six months since I set my weight lost target to meet at least 60kg by our 10th Wedding Anniversary ( 16th June). Unfortunately I’m still quite away from my target. 3kg to 60kg. My weight lost has kinda plateau these few months as I’ve slacken in exercises, given myself lots of treats and we’re been on holidays.  Hopefully when term starts again for Monkey boy next week I’ll be able to do more exercise and really control my diet.

I’m still quite far away from my ideal of 55kg. However I’m pleased that I’ve been able to fit back into almost all of my old clothes and have been able to pack away all the “big/fat” clothes that I wore post pregnancy.

I’m now shopping around for new clothes that are both trendy and breastfeeding friendly. Tiger girl is getting much more mobile these few  months and she has recently graduated to a cralwer who loves standing and jumping. It’s getting more tiring looking after her and she currently refuses to be put down and is super sticky. I’m hoping that in time to come she would be able to play longer by herself so that I have more time to myself to exercise and shape up.

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