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Day 3 and 4- Twelve Days of Happiness

June 22, 2011

Day Three- Controlling your Thoughts and Shifting your emotions.

It has been said that our thoughts control our emotions. I feel this is extremely true as if we let our minds get clouded by negative thoughts we tend to wallow in self-pity. It can lead to a downward spiral which can be damaging to ourselves and others around us.

Positive thinking and weeding out irrelevant harmful negative thoughts have help me remain mostly positive all this while.

Firstly and most easily is to keep far from negative thinking people. It’s really not beneficial to stay around such people as they are not encouraging and fast to point the finger and put the blame on you.

Secondly, have a goal and work towards it. No doubt it may not be easy to reach your goal ( Read: Weight loss goal for myself) there is no excuse to give up halfway and sabotage the effort that you have made so far.  It is really tiring at  times and one may be more then looking forward to throwing in the towel but if you really did that you will not benefit in the long run.  The best thing that you can do is to remind yourself that it’s okay that the goal hasn’t been met as yet but  you will surely get there – ( I’m hoping for 60 kg by Sept 2011)

Day 4 Understanding the Power of  conscious Choice

Choices, choices , choices. Everyday there are so many things which we need to make decisions about. It can be simple stuff like what you want to have for breakfast to more serious issues relating to your relationship with your husband, kids etc. I believe that there is cause and effect. You gain good rewards from the good choices that you make and may end up suffering losses due the some poor ones which you make. Nevertheless they are learning experiences for you and help guide your path and future.

The best gift that we can give our children is to teach them how to deal with choices – both the good and bad. We can’t expect to make good choices all the time and is it through the bad ones which we learn and gather our experiences. It’s part and parcel of life to go through series of choices which help determine how we live our lives.

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