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New Directions, Plans and schedules

August 3, 2011

This year is really zooming pass fast. The daily schedule is getting tighter and there are more and more things placed up0n my to-do-list.

I’ve recently been reviewing my action plan and schedules which I have put into place since January.  Certain schedules have been working fine while some plans have ended along the wayside. I’m now trying to tighten the loose ends and step up on certain projects which are trudging along at snail’s pace.

  1. Weight LossThis is still a main issue for me as I’m still not progressing as well as I want to.  I still have 8kg to ideal 55kg. Since R’s been back we have been eating out a lot. I’ve been feasting on cakes  and tasty treats and the weight has crept back a bit. *Bummer*. I am seriously thinking how to really start a three times a week workout schedule since Tiger girl is not sleeping during the day.  I guess that I have to consciously discipline myself to do some Wii- Fit activities while watching her crawling around the hall.My revised target is to reach 60 kg by end of December if possible.  *crossing fingers that I get to see that number SOON!!”
  2. Getting Tiger Girl to Sleep through the nightIt is an uphill battle just getting my little girl to take a nap. Now at  10 months old she is still far from sleeping through the night. I have read and re-read through many different sleep training books but strongly oppose their method of crying it out or controlled crying method. I seriously disagree with it and see no benefit in making the child fear and have separation anxiety. I know that she is nursing more of habit then hunger that’s why there is no reason for her to wake 3-4 times a night at this age.  The boys were better sleepers even though they woke 1-2 times a night even though they too are on total breastfeed at that age.  I’ll hopeful that she will be able to be lulled back to sleep using other means besides nursing in the near future.
  3. Teaching Japanese
    This project has kinda stalled since I introduce the Japanese characters for the family in January. The boys do know how to pronounce and can recognise those characters but I have yet to introduce more and increase their vocabulary. I’m hoping to jump start teaching them Japanese and start doing flashcards with the girl after we return from our trip to HK.
  4. Learning new dishes/bakes
    I’m kinda holding back on this as it the dishes/bakes that I am interested in are far from being “healthy” as in lesser calories. It’s also jepodizing my weight lost wish to get back to ideal weight. However I’m just scaling it down and won’t be stopping trying out new dishes.. I guess that I have to settle for getting more guniea pigs for my new dishes.
  5. De-cluttering

    I’m really wanting to have a house whereby everything is place nice and neatly. It seems impossible with the kids around. Drawers which are neatly pack take less then a day and they are back to their messy state. I’ll really dread having to repack them over and over again. Maybe it’s time to get out a trash back and remove all the excess clutter so that we live with the minimum and not with all these excesses.


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