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Birthday Week Thoughts

August 21, 2011

This week has been an extra special week for me.  I celebrated my 33rd birthday on Monday.  I didn’t have a grand celebration of anything really special. I actually wanted to go for a romantic dinner or a grand lunch but skipped on that idea as it is really impossible to sit through the whole lunch/dinner without Tiger girl fussing at the table.

We did have some yummy Japanese food instead. I love my new present – A waffle/sandwich maker which I have yet to try out. After we return from our trip to HK I will be trying out different dishes and desserts for the kids and R to savour.

This year has been great for me. It has been less stressful as I’m now home with the kids and I get to spend time to pursue my hobbies. Even though I’m more busy now coping with the three kids but I’m really enjoying myself being there for them.

R is also able to fully concentrate on his career as he knows that his kids are well taken care of by the best caregiver. He is also progressing well in his chosen career.

The kids are growing up super fast. Tiger girl is already starting to learn to walk. In a months time she will be 1 yr old. She’s growing up to be another feisty girl who is determined to perfect things that she is learning.

Doggie Boy is also maturing although he can be very childish at times and still acts like a baby. I still think that he feels very vulnerable being the middle child and wants to reclaim the position of “baby” in the family. However he does know that he has a younger sibling and that he is an elder brother now.  I guess that he still needs more time to settle into his role as the middle child.

Monkey Boy too is getting a handful with him being more “challenging” as he grows up. I’m keeping a  extremely close eye on him to ensure that he cultivates good habits and don’t lead his siblings astray.


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