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Insane Goals for October

October 1, 2011

Last month I had so much fun doing this meme hosted by   Simply Rebekah that I have decided to do it again this month.

Here is are my goals for October

Weight Lost Goals

My weight is still stuck at 63/64kg . I am aiming to bring down the number to 62/63kg by the end of this month.

My routine would be

    • Stair climbing (x2) 5 times a week
      Zumba WII 3 times a wek
    • Increase intake of fruits and water.
    • Eat smaller portions of baked products or only a bite size and pass on the rest of the bakes to others to devour ( who wants to be my neighbour so I can fill up your tummy??)
    • Try to get more sleep at night if possible ( hopefully Tiger Girl can sleep through the night soon)

Household maintainance

  • Organize the kids library and sort out the books.
  • Clear out expired stuff from the pantry and the fridge.
  • Pack up the baking cupboard and put all the essentials neatly inside.
  • Wash all the air-con filters/ clean all the fans in the house.
  • Re-ogranize the  kids toy cupboard and art supplies cupboard.

Educating the kids

  • Make new Japanese flashcards for the card holder.
  • Teach Tiger Girl new songs in Chinese and do more flashcards in English/Mandarin with her.
  • Brushing up on Monkey boy’s composition skill for both English and Chinese.
  • Getting Monkey boy to polish up his piano pieces for the upcoming piano exam next year. Get him to use the proper hand position to play the piano more often.
  •  Getting Doggie boy to do practice the piano more often.
  • Getting the kids to read more in English/Chinese before bedtime.
  • Read the bible at least once every fortnight.
  • Pray more often with them.

For the blog (Dominique’s Desk)

  • Increase revenue to fund hosting the blog.
  • Create a short series to run during our upcoming holidays in Nov/Dec.
  • Finish up all my book reviews.
  • Back up of  this year’s posts into hard copy.

For Myself

  • Practice taking more shots with my camera.
  • Brush up on my Japanese.
  • Do regular facials at home.
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