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Mid Oct Review

October 26, 2011

There has been quite a few changes on this month. I’ve been actively de-cluttering the whole place and the whole house is nearly done. I’ve yet to re-arrange the kids toy chests and the art cupboard but all others places in the house has been given a once over.

A lot of unwanted stuff that had been lying around in the cupboard for years has been cleared. It’s great to see the place clutter free again. It’s really refreshing seeing the empty space and everything neat and tidy. I know that it may take awhile  for the place to be constantly neat and tidy but as the kids grow up I know it will get easier.

The boys are older and are able to keep their toys away after play. However they do need to learn how to arrange and put the different toys in the various boxes/drawers instead of dumping it all in one and messing the whole drawer up.

I’m trying out a new calorie counting program in aim to step up my weight lost regime.  It’s really been taking too long to lose the remaining 7kg to get back to 55kg. I remember the last time with Roy I managed to get back to that weight when he was about 1.5yrs old. I hope that I’ll be able to make it this time with Riona.


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