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Insane Goals for October~Reviewed

November 2, 2011

Last month I had so much fun doing this meme hosted by   Simply Rebekah that I have decided to do it again this month.

Here are  were my goals for October

Weight Lost Goals

My weight is still stuck at 63/64kg . I am aiming to bring down the number to 62/63kg by the end of this month.

( Still aiming for this for November.. as STILL STUCK.. I blame it on the fact that I’m still breastfeeding Tiger girl and

My routine would be

    • Stair climbing (x2) 5 times a week ( Not done faithfully)
      Zumba WII 3 times a week ( need to do it !!)
    • Increase intake of fruits and water.
    • Eat smaller portions of baked products or only a bite size and pass on the rest of the bakes to others to devour  Have been sharing all my food with all the kids.
    • Try to get more sleep at night if possible (still a dream as she still wakes up alot!!)

Household maintainance

  • Organize the kids library and sort out the books. (3/4 sorted out)
  • Clear out expired stuff from the pantry and the fridge. (yet to do it!!)
  • Pack up the baking cupboard and put all the essentials neatly inside. ( yet to be completed)
  • Wash all the air-con filters/ clean all the fans in the house. (1/2 done)
  • Re-ogranize the  kids toy cupboard and art supplies cupboard. (still haven’t worked on this )

Educating the kids

  • Make new Japanese flashcards for the card holder. ( have resorted to using existing flashcards which I have )
  • Teach Tiger Girl new songs in Chinese and do more flashcards in English/Mandarin with her. (on going)
  • Brushing up on Monkey boy’s composition skill for both English and Chinese. (on going)
  • Getting Monkey boy to polish up his piano pieces for the upcoming piano exam next year. Get him to use the proper hand position to play the piano more often. (still on going)
  •  Getting Doggie boy to do practice the piano more often. ( he is practising every other day now..improving)
  • Getting the kids to read more in English/Chinese before bedtime. ( ongoing)
  • Read the bible at least once every fortnight. (on going)
  • Pray more often with them. (on going)

For the blog (Dominique’s Desk)

  • Increase revenue to fund hosting the blog.
  • Create a short series to run during our upcoming holidays in Nov/Dec. ( yet to be done)
  • Finish up all my book reviews. ( managed to finish it for the month of oct)
  • Back up of  this year’s posts into hard copy. ( still thinking about this)

For Myself

  • Practice taking more shots with my camera.
  • Brush up on my Japanese.
  • Do regular facials at home. ( am doing so)
I will be writing a new list of goals for November soon as there are some changes in goals.

Goals for November

Weight Lost Goals

  • Try to take the stairs as much as possible..
  • Do Zumba 4 times a week
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Cut down on carbo (rice/noodles)
Household Maintenance
  • Pack up and sort out the kids toys
  • Get the Art cupboard sorted out.
  • Prepare /clear out the boys old work and prepare for the next school year (starting Jan)
Educating the kids
  • Start on Abacus with the boys.
  • Do more on creative writing with Monkey Boy
  • Reading before bedtime with all 3 kids.

For the blog (Dominique’s Desk)

  • Increase revenue to fund hosting the blog.
  • Create a short series to run during our upcoming holidays in Nov/Dec.
  • Schedule more posts to run during the week.

For Myself

  • Practice taking more shots with my camera.
  • Learn to use the manual functions of the camera
  • Brush up on my Japanese.
  • Brush up on writing Chinese.
  • Have more meet up sessions with girlfriends.
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  1. November 3, 2011 1:08 am

    When you master the manual settings on your camera, then please pass on the knowledge to me! I take all my own pictures for my blog (and don’t usually think they are that bad), but I could certainly use a lesson.

    Good luck for November and thanks for linking up!

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