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Pondering ~random thoughts on weight

November 20, 2011

It has been nearly 11 months and my  weight has been stuck at 63/64kg since July. I know that it does take some time for me to reduce weight but it has been really depressing that I haven’t reached my targeted 55kg yet . Tiger girl is already 14 months old and I really hope to reach 55kg by the time she is 18mths old. I remember that it was roughly then when I got back to 55kg after giving birth to Roy.

It seems that my friends lose weight much easier then me after the birth of their 3rd/4th kid. I don’t know if having the traditional malay massage has anything to do with speeding up with getting back into shape.  One of my girlfriends only has like 3 kgs left to lose and her baby is only 2 months old!!

I managed to lose  the 20 kg that I put on with my 3rd pregnancy but getting back to ideal weight  which is another  8.5kg away has really been very difficult.  (It will be a 30kg lost in total to get back to 55kg)

I know that I do need to do more exercise and eat more healthy foods but really carrying it out has been difficult.  I tend to lose focus on exercising when I get sidetracked by the kids.  I’m exhausted after dealing with the kids and it doesn’t help that I don’t get sufficient sleep each night.

I have been procrastinating long enough and it hasn’t been good to be constantly bothered by the scale being stuck and not having the tone body which I desire. I really need to be more discipline and step up dieting and exercise if I want to see 60kg by 31st Dec 2011.


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