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Run to Him Challenge – Week One{ Delight in His Word Because He Speaks Truth}

January 22, 2012

This week reading is on Psalm 1. I’m trying to faithfully read the bible and live a better christian life.

Psalm 1 talks about to lead your life the way god wants it and no based on the ways of the world.

It mentions not to walk in the ways of the wicked and evil, to talk bad or mock others. Instead to leave the judgments to god and try to live by his commandments.

The psalmist   teaches that it shall be always well with God’s devout servants, whose constant endeavor it is to make progress in the study of his law. To steer way from corruptions and it’s related evils.

To me it means do not be envious about others. It is okay to want to be as successful as others but constant comparison and using comparison to put down yourself or the other person is a definitely NO-NO. Everyone is different and shouldn’t be constantly compared to one another. You can never keep up with the Jones and it is not something you want to do your whole life- chase the almighty DOLLAR instead of GOD.

Be grateful for what you have and the blessings that GOD has bestowed onto you. Don’t take other’s kindness and generosity for granted and cherish what you have.


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