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Weekend reflections

January 28, 2012

This week had been extremely busy for me. We celebrated Chinese new year on Monday and Tuesday. Frankly speaking it doesn’t feel much of a celebration to me this year. I don’ t feel the joy of the festive season and it’s more like going through the motions then really enjoying the celebrations. I’m not sure if it’s because as we age the joy and expectations diminish.

The kids too are rather muted this year of the dragon due to the current economic climate. There are no fancy restaurant dinner and the food that was served was not really suited to their taste buds. I would have loved to celebrate CNY in Hong Kong but we aren’t going there so soon as we just went back to Hong kong in Sept last year. Maybe in one of these years when it’s possible to have a long weekend as we only get two days of holidays here in Singapore.

I’m looking forward to our upcoming trip next week with Tiger girl. It will be the fourth country she will be visiting. She’s a rather seasoned traveller as she has travelled to Bali, Penang and Hong Kong and now to Taiwan and she ‘s not even two



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