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Insane Goals for 2012- FebEnd Review

March 2, 2012

It’s time to review my goals that I made for Feburary.

There has been no weight lost even though I have tried to do a 21 day weight lost challenge. I blame it on not being to follow the plan through as we were on holidays in Taiwan last month.

What I accomplished in Feburary

  1.  I joined a few other bloggers and hosted a few giveaways. It has helped to increase my twitter and FB fan page count and I think I may continue to do a few giveaways each month if the time permits.
  2. Let the boys stay behind with their granny and brought Tiger girl on a short holiday with R to Taiwan. It was a great trip and I took many pictures. Can’t wait to go back and visit Taiwan again.
  3. The kids toy cabinet has been 80% re arranged , Book shelf books all packed and clothes all put nicely into their cupboard. Hopefully it all stays this way till the end of the month or even longer
  4. I’ve managed to do 30 min exercises at least 3 times a week. I’m gravitating more towards WII active then Zumba..but should try for a 4 or 5 day workout schedule a week if possible.

Feburary fails

  1. Weight is still stagnant and 60kg is still no where in sight.
  2. I didn’t get as many sponsored post this month to do. I did choose to turn down a few companies and stuff as they were requesting do-follow links which is a no-no for GOOGLE.
  3. I still haven’t got around to finishing up all the Guest post which I would like to do and readings for Feburary. I guess the will have to be carried forward into March instead.
  4. I have yet to complete the Japanese materials which I will be teaching the kids. We may have to push back learning of Japanese till April or so or when I have finished all the relevant stuff.
  5. I have YET to get started on Tiger girl’s photobook. It has to be done soon as the vouchers are expiring in May if I remember correctly.




Here is are my goals for 2012

Weight Lost Goals

I’m determined to get my weight down to 55kg by the time Tiger girl turns 2 in Sept. ( It’s currently down to 62/63kg)

My routine would be

    • Stair climbing (x2) 5 times a week
      Zumba WII or other interactive sports games.
    • Increase intake of fruits and water.
    • Cook more healthy foods
    • Try to get more sleep at night if possible ( hopefully Tiger Girl can sleep through the night soon)

Household maintainance

  • Organize the kids toy chest and donate the toys that they don’t need.
  • Clear out expired stuff from the pantry and the fridge.
  • Pack up the baking cupboard and put all the essentials neatly inside.
  • Wash all the air-con filters/ clean all the fans in the house.
  • Re-ogarnize the  bookshelf.
  • Sort out the pantry and all other cupboards.

Educating the kids (Ongoing)

  • Prepare Doggy boy for P1 next year by doing daily exercises in English, Maths and Chinese doing weekdays.
  • Read daily to Tiger girl and start doing more flashcards with her.
  • Brushing up on Monkey boy’s composition and oral  skill for both English and Chinese.
  • Getting Monkey boy to polish up his piano pieces for the upcoming piano exam  this year. He will most probably be going for Grade 2.
  •  Getting Doggie boy to do practice the piano more often.
  • Getting the kids to read more in English/Chinese before bedtime.
  • Read the bible at least once every fortnight.
  • Pray more often with them.

For the blog (Dominique’s Desk)

  • Increase revenue to be able to save enough to buy a DSLR.
  • Have bloggers to guest posts on my blog.
  • Guest post on other sites/blogs  at least once a month.
  • Increase readership and grow my community

For Myself

  • Practice taking more shots with my camera.
  • Brush up on my Japanese and French.
  • Do regular facials at home.
  • Try out new dishes/bakes once a month.
  • Be able to fit into my wedding dress again and take a picture wearing it with the 3 kids.

For the family

  •  Do up a photobook for Tiger Girl
  • Photobook for 2012
  • go on more family outings/ overseas trips.
  • spend more time with R and resume having date nights.
  1. March 2, 2012 9:36 pm

    Ugh! The whole no-follow link thing give me a headache. Is it really something to worry about? Apparently, you are, so that answer is probably yes. Sometimes it feels like blogging is one huge to-do list. I hate it when that list is heavy on the technical side. 😦

    • astrodarlings permalink*
      March 2, 2012 9:44 pm

      Yes.. it I personally have seen my site go from a PR3 to 0 overnight due to pay per post posting that I did years ago.. it took a while to get back my PR. It’s at PR2 now a drop from PR3 which I managed to get it reinstated after pleading with am not even going to risk losing the PR2 while trying to work it up again to a PR3..and hopefully higher. I also seen sites gone from PR4 to PR0 due to it.

  2. March 3, 2012 10:09 am

    Seeing your list made me think… I forgot to list making a photo book of my son’s 1st decade with a coupon I have expiring at the end of this month! Thanks for the reminder! Yikes!

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