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Oct updates of the kids

October 28, 2012

In a few months time we will be welcoming 2013. There is still so many things to be done on my to-do-list which has yet to be completed.

For Doggie boy

I’m still working on getting Doggie boy up to speed and ready for P1 next year.  He needs to brush up more on his Chinese as his vocabulary is still quite limited.  I will be doing more word recognition via flashcards with him. I will also up the frequency of reading with him.

There is still a lot of work to be done with him.  There are many words in both English and Chinese which he doesn’t recognize off hand. It can be quite exasperating getting him to complete his weekly school homework. Doggy boy’s attention span is quite short and he gets distracted by his brother and sister quite easily.  It is a real challenge for me to get him seated at the table to finish his work.I’m still working on improving

For Monkey boy

On the  home front I am teaching him how to cook a simple lunch and will start to teach him how to iron his own uniform. He already knows how to wash the dishes but he is far from doing a good job at it.

Academic wise he is still poor in his composition and comprehension skills and needs much more practice in these areas.

I will also be working on him learning more about his own character and working on being more disciplined and hardworking.

For  Tiger girl

I will be working more on music appreciation with her. She is learning her  ABCs at the moment and is able to recognize some alphabets and numbers.

In a few months I will be moving onto word recognition for her.  We will also be starting potty training with her soon.


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