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Getting back to this space

July 21, 2013


It has really been a while since I  last posted on this site. I’ve been busy at Dominique’s Desk and  have neglected writing here. These few months there has been a lot that has been happening and it has given me little time to focus on the spiritual development which seems so difficult for me to focus on.

I do read passages of scripture weekly which I ponder on them but putting the teachings to action has been difficult. I keep on getting distracted by the daily to-do things which I have to attend to and sidetracked by the kids.

Equally difficult is continuing on the weight lose regime that I have set myself out to do. I do know all the technical aspects like increasing exercise, reducing fatty foods…taking note that intake is lesser than outtake so that it is possible to reduce weight.  Currently my weight is hovering between 66-67kg.  I really hope to go back to 60-61kg by year end.

Base on the record I was at the lowest  on the reading taken on 29.04.2012 where it was recorded at  61.5kg

The last recording at 31.12.2012 reads 66kg and it has been stuck in a rut since then. Now on 21st July , six months later, there isn’t any real improvement and I’m still far from my goal of 60kg.

It can be depressing to see that I am stalling in these two areas. Sometimes it’s really so hard to be discipline and force yourself to trudge on so that you be able to get the desired results in this area.

Maybe it is because I’m focusing on what I deem as more important which is the well being on the family and the kids then focusing on this area of my life.

There is only so many hours in a day which one can have to complete all that has to be done on a daily basis. If  only there are 48 hours and unlimited energy which I can utilize.




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