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Esther Study- Week 1- Day 4

September 4, 2014




Proverbs 14:8

Why is a clever person wise? because he knows what to do. Why is a stupid person foolish? Because he only thinks he knows. 


To know something and to think you know something is very different. It is liken to studying for a test and having the false confidence that you were well prepared but panicking as you can’t answer the given questions. 


It isn’t easy being the wise person as it takes a lot of courage do go against the norm and stand up for what is right as a follower of GOD.  Many people think that  they can get away with being evil and indulge in all the worldly pleasures. They do not think about the long term and how their current behavior will affect their standing with GOD. They trust man more then GOD.


Dear GOD,

Help me to be wise and able to see through any veils that the Devil may cast my way.  I want to hold on to you  tightly as I journey through these dangerous time as I make my way towards your heavenly kingdom.




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