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Study on Esther- Week 2- Day 1

September 8, 2014



Ephesians 5: 15

So be careful how you live. Don’t live like ignorant people, but like wise people. 



Many people blindly follow the instructions and so called advise of others without even thinking through whether it is relevant to them or not.  They do not think through to see if it is beneficial or not.  All is good if there is a good Shepard however when one meets a wolf in disguise it is downhill all the way for them as they don’t know how to distinguish between right and wrong by themselves. 


Do not live your life like a blind sheep. Do plan what you intend to do with the limited time you have here on earth in consultation with GOD constantly. Seek how you can contribute to both your family and society and be a asset instead of a liability. Do things that do not harm yourself, your family or the society at large. 


Dear GOD,

Help me to make full use of all the opportunities that you send my way so that I be able to live like a wise person and do things that are in your favor.




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