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Study on Esther- Week 2- Day 3

September 10, 2014




Esther 2: 8-11

When the king had issued his new proclamation and many girls were being brought to Susa, Esther was among them. She too was put in the royal palace in the care of Hegai, who had charge of the harem. Hegai liked Esther, and she won his favor. He lost no time in beginning her beauty treatment of massage and special diet. He gave her he best place in the harem and assigned seven girls specially chosen from the royal palace to serve her. Now, on the advice of Mordecai, Esther had kept it secret that she was Jewish. Every day Mordecai would walk back and forth in front of the courtyard of the harem, in order to find out how she was getting along and what was going to happen to her. 


PSALM 112: 1

Praise the Lord! Happy is the person who has reverence for the LORD, who takes pleasure in obeying his commands. 


It is not easy to follow GOD’s way. It takes a lot of courage and determination. However if you are able to do so you will be blessed with the riches  from GOD. It is not difficult to gain GOD’s favor however you still need to work for it. 


Follow the instructions of the LORD. Be kind, generous, helpful and tolerant towards family and others around you. Don’t indulge in ways of the world and be blinded by greed and personal pleasures.



Dear GOD,

Teach me how to keep true to the WORD and to follow your teachings. Do  help me live my life as a good Christian and help me build up a strong spiritual base within our family. 



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