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Study on Esther- Week 3- Day 4

September 18, 2014



Esther  3: 12-13

So on the thirteen day of the first month Haman called the king’s secretaries and dictated a proclamation to be translated into every language and system of writing using in the empire and to be sent to all the rulers, governors, and officials. It was issued in the name of King Xerxes and stamped with his ring. Runners took this proclamation to every province of the empire. It contained the instructions that on a single day, the thirteen day of Adar, all Jews- young and old, were to be killed. They were to be slaughtered without mercy and their belongings were to be taken.

Psalm 63: 9

Those who are trying to kill me will go down into the world of the dead.


There are always wicked people in the world like  Haman and Hitler who wish to exterminate entire races. In modern days they use chemical warfare and create diseases like AIDS and various cancers to eliminate part of the world’s population. They believe that only the selected few should be allow to survive in this world and all others should be terminated.


One should not wish the worst of others as they too may end up having the ill intentions manifested on them instead of their targeted people. Don’t indulge in bad and harmful thoughts /actions towards others as they may just boomerang back at you instead.


Dear GOD,

Keep me under your protection and guard me when enemies launch their attack on me. Make me your soldier and help me fight for what is right. Teach me how to live a good christian life and have the energy to endure and persecutions which may come my way.


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