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Study on Esther- Week 3- Day 5

September 19, 2014



Esther 3: 14-15

The contents of the proclamation were to be made public in every province, so that everyone would be prepared when that day came. At the king’s command the decree was made public in the capital city of Susa, and runners carried the news to the provinces. The king and Haman sat down and had a drink while the city of Susa was being thrown into confusion.

Proverbs 25: 19

Depending on an unreliable person in a crisis is like trying to chew with a loose tooth or walk with a crippled foot.


Many people blindly put their faith in others. They don’t bother to find out about the background or trustworthiness of the other person’s character and integrity. They overestimate other’s capabilities and are handicapped by the other person’s inabilities in the process.


Always do your own research before you make any decision. Don’t be fool by false prophets and others who promise you the world but deliver naught. The most reliable person that you have around is GOD. He is certainly someone who you can depend on.


Dear GOD,

Help me enter relationships with my eyes open so that I will be able to discern between true and fake followers of Christ. Show me who I can put my trust in and surround me with people that also are eager in following your word.



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