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Book of Esther- Week 5- Day 5

October 3, 2014



Esther 5 : 12-14

” What  is more,” Haman went on, ” Queen Esther gave a banquet for no one but the king and me, and we are invited back tomorrow. But none of this means a thing to me as long as I see that Jew Mordecai sitting at the entrance of the palace.”

Proverbs 14: 22

You will earn the trust and respect of others if you work for good; if you work for evil, you are making a mistake.


Haman thought the world of himself when he was the only one being offered a banquet by Queen Esther. However he still held a grudge against Mordecai for not showing his respects towards him and couldn’t wait to punish him for his indignant  attitude.  Even though he had a very high status in society he still wasn’t respected by  Mordecai.

Be true to yourself and do go in your work. Don’t do things that harm or destroy other people as you will never gain their respect that way.

Dear GOD,

help me to do things for good and in your favor always. I know it is not easy not to be boastful or spiteful towards others who are not in agreement with our ways. Teach me to be more tolerant and keep me on the right path.



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