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Book of Esther- Week 6- Day 1

October 6, 2014



Esther 6:1- 3

That same night the king could not get to sleep, so he had the official records of the empire brought and read to him. The part they read included the account of how Mordecai had uncovered a plot to assassinate the king- the plot made by Bigthana and Teresh, the two palace eunuchs who had guarded the king’s rooms. The king asked, ” How have we honored and rewarded Mordecai for this?” His servant answered, ” Nothing has been done for him. ”

Proverbs  16:13

A king wants to hear the truth and will favor those who speak it.


Be honest in your dealings and you will be rewarded in time to come.  Mordecai didn’t expect any reward when he uncovered the plot to kill the King. He did it out of his concern and love for him.


Do not expect instant gratification or rewards for doing good. Your works have been recorded and will be reviewed by GOD.  He will certainly give you the blessings and reward you for what you have done.


Dear GOD,

Help me to speak the truth always.   Let me seek the truth in whatever  I do and not succumb to lies and deceit.



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