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Book of Esther- Week 6 – Day 3

October 8, 2014



Esther 6 : 7-9

So he answered the king, ” Have royal robes brought for this man- robes that you yourself wear. Have a royal ornament put on your own horse. Then have one of your highest noblemen dress the man in these robes and lead him, mounted on the horse, through the city square. Have the nobelman  announce as they go: ” See how the king rewards a man he wishes to honor!”

Romans 12: 3

And because of God’s gracious gift to me I say to every one of you; Do not think if yourself more highly then you should. Instead, be modest according to the amount of faith that God has given you.


Haman gave ideas on how a person should be honored assuming that the person was himself. He wanted the best of everything- to be honored, envied and be shown in the best garments to all.  To be a show off and wanting instant gratification he was really very foolish.


One should not think about only the best for himself and that he is high and mighty. It will only make one conceited and lose the respect of others.


Dear GOD,

Help me increase my faith in you and keep me modest and humble in my ways.



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